On the high seas
I'm @mthvrs on Twitter, where I share things I find interesting,
and @mthv.rs on Instagram, where I post about the things I make.

You can reach out to me by mail at [email protected] or by phone at +33‑7‑49‑35‑78‑74.

Select projects
 Branding for Du Bruit dans les Longères 2022, a rock’n rural festival.  ↯ TeaserMerchPoster

 Fantasmagories, a collaborative university project shot in 16mm and edited using analog and digital tools.  ↯ VideoGallery

 helenesophro.fr, a website for french sophrology teacher Hélène Langlois.  ↯ Website

 melaniecasano.com, a website for french outsider artist Mélanie Casano.  ↯ Website

 import_reddit, a script to facilitate using the Reddit API within Google Sheets.  ↯ RepositoryCode

 Rainbow, a supercut showcasing the use of colour in movies.  ↯ Video

 Earth from Home, a pandemic project about exploring the world using satelite imagery.  ↯ Video

 Interviews In Situ, an in-development series of artists interviews for Label Friche's Galerie In Situ.  ↯ Ep. 1Ep. 2

 This site is a work in progress, come back later for a more extensive projects list. Thank you!